Tegtmeyer & Kenow Family History and Allied Lines


Thank you for visiting my website which contains years of research for the Tegtmeyer and Kenow families and their allied lines. Most of my early ancestors came from Germany, but at least one line, the Jarboe's, immigrated from France.

Tegtmeyer Family Allied Lines: Bell, Bowen, Chipley, Dover, Fairfax, Golson, Jarboe, Jones, Joy, Lahman, Lee, Mulledy, Schroeder, Skelton, Spink, Streckfous, Stremmler, Sutter, Tattershall, Vollmar and Wathen

Kenow Family Allied Lines: Clayberg, Clayburg, Degan, Gebhart, Jellison, Keller, Lauenroth, Liphart, Liebhart, Manbeck, Mate, Miething, Poesel

I try to source as much of my information as possible with original sources and am willing to share if you contact me. I welcome additional information and/or suggestions for corrections.

Karen Tegtmeyer Goode

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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