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1 Parents:
Father: John A. Orwig , Sr. Disc #8 Pin #872018
Mother: Elizabeth Baughman Disc #8 Pin #869330
Individual Record FamilySearch™ Pedigree Resource File
Eliza Orwig Compact Disc #8 Pin #869285
Sex: F
Birth: 2 Aug 1816 Place: Pennsylvania
Death: 1903 Place:
Spouse: Samuel Clayberg Disc #8 Pin #869286
Marriage: 17 Oct 1844 Place: Fulton Co, Illinois
Antoinette PEDERSEN
38116 238th Ave SE , Enumclaw, Washington, United States of America 98022
Submission Search: 681346-122199011504

John A. Orwig , Sr. Compact Disc #8 Pin #872018
Birth: 6 Dec 1781 Place: Pa.
Birth: 6 Dec 1781 Place: Maiden Creek, Near Reading, Pennsylvania
Death: 20 May 1868 Place: Bryant, Fulton County, Illinois

Other Event(s):
_FA1: Place: Resided at Wheeling, Va. about 1850.

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Peter Samuel Orwig Compact Disc #8 Pin #868957
Sex: M
Special Note: Peter Samuel Orwig’s Parents were married in 1743 in Germany therefore between 1743 and 1750 the Orwigs migrated to America.
Birth: 8 Jul 1750 Place: Maiden Creek Twp, Berks, Pennsylvania
Birth: 8 Jul 1750 Place: Maiden Creek Twp, Berks Co., Pa.
Death: Jul 1807 Place: Orwigsburg,Berks,Pennsylvania
Death: Jul 1807 Place: Lewisburg or Orwigsburg, Pa.

Father: Johann Gottfried Orwig Disc #8 Pin #868953
Mother: Anna Clara Lampert Disc #8 Pin #871808

Spouse: Hannah Webb Disc #8 Pin #868978
Marriage: 1773 Place: Berks Co., Pa.

Other Event(s):
Event 1: Place:
_FA1: Place: Assisted his father to found the town of Orwigsburg in 1796.
_FA1: Place: Christened in Mertz Church on Aug 6, 1750.
_FA1: Place: Confirmed 1766, "Over the Mountain"

Notes and Sources:
Notes: Available on CD-ROM Disc# 8
Sources: Available on CD-ROM Disc# 8

Individual Record FamilySearch™ Pedigree Resource File

Johann Gottfried Orwig Compact Disc #8 Pin #868953
Birth: 24 Aug 1718 Place: Brunswick, Germany
Birth: 24 Aug 1719 Place: Braunswig, Grosstadt, Nassau [Germany]
Death: 26 May 1804 Place: Orwigsburg,Berks,Pennsylvania
Death: 26 May 1804 Place: Brunswick Township, Berks County, Pa.
Father: Johann Georg Orwig Disc #8 Pin #869336
Mother: Sussannen Sohnlein Disc #8 Pin #869337
Other Event(s):
Event 1: 1719 Place: Grosstadt Nassane,Weilburg,Dorf Moran,Germ
Event 2: 2 Oct 1741 Place: Arr via Rotterdam to Phila on St. Andrews
Burial Location: Place: Zion Red Church, Orwigsburg, Pa.
_FA1: Place: Immigrated on ship "St. Andrew" at the age of 22
_FA1: Place: Likely the immigrant "Godfret Urbech/Godfried Orbig"
_FA1: Place: Arrived October 2, 1741 at the Port of Philadelphia
_FA1: Place: Birth Date also given as Sep 3, 1718

Notes and Sources:
Notes: Available on CD-ROM Disc# 8
Sources: Available on CD-ROM Disc# 8 
Orwig, Eliza (Becca) (I524)

groom's name:
Jacob Liebhart
bride's name:
Elizabeth Schlott
marriage date:
06 Dec 1809
marriage place:
Christ Lutheran Church,York,York,Pennsylvania
indexing project (batch) number:
system origin:
source film number:

Jacob, b. 1785-1790 (1790 and 1800 census)
b. 16 June 1785, d. 9 March 1861 (Canadochly cemetery)
m. 6 December 1809, Elizabeth Schlott (Christ Lutheran) 
Liphart (Liebhart), Jacob (I4283)

Was in 1840 Virginia Census -- Susan was born in Missouri 1842
Was County Clerk for Shelby County, Missouri -- filed deed for Thomas Jarboe 19 June 1855
•no Chipley is in the 1870 census of Shelby County 
Chipley, William Lee (I1579)
1850 Fed Census, Mineral County, West Virginia lists James H. Jarboe 23 years old, carpenter, after the initial Jarboe family was written 
Jarboe, Ignatius (I380)
Benton County, Iowa Obituaries
; 1907

Elizabeth Monbeck Kanouse

Mrs. Benjamin Kanouse died at her home near town Sunday morning, after a lingering illness of several years. Mrs. Kanouse was one of the early settlers of this county, having moved to Iowa in the fifties. She came from Ohio with her husband and located near town. Mr. Kanouse died twenty years ago. A family of several children were born to this union, all of whom were present at the time of her death except William K, who is living in Kansas, but was present at the funeral. Mrs. Kanouse was a member of the Christian church, but was not able to attend church for several years. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. J. B. Metclaf. Interment in the Bear Creek Cemetery.

Submitted on Sun Feb 4 17:19:10 2001 by
Theresa Postel Payne, 
Manbeck, Elizabeth (I2354)
Civil War: Compiled Service records of Volunteer Union Soldiers
FHL film# 881582
Jacob Sutter - is this my Jacob Sutter???
Company D of 41 Missouri Infantry
Company K of 15 Missouri Infantry 
Sutter, Jacob (I336)
Elizabeth, b. 1774-1783 (1783 Tax and 1790 Census)
m. Peter Updegraff ( Orphans Court, Book P, pg 51) 
Liphart (Liebhart), Elizabeth (I4284)
Material from Mary Jo Maquire:
Book: The Jesuit Mission of St. Mary’s County Maryland by Edwin Bertzell 1960 - Updated 1976
Pg. 137 Bapt. Records, St. Francis Xavier at Newtown
30 December 1776 - George, son of Benedict and Monica Jarboe,
godparents - Catherine Jarboe, Henry Roby
Pg. 113 - 5 June 1768 - Frances daughter of Bennet and Monica 
Jarboe, George (I1857)
Son in law is Rudolf Thiel

Letter from Martha Hedden (8/21/1990): From what her father ( George ) told her, Bertha 2nd husband (Schroeder) wasn't anything to brag about. When he died, she married Wilhelm Egberts, who the family all loved.

Bertha was a stewardess on an ocean liner.?? Martha Hedden

List Or Manifest of Alien Passengers for the U. S. Immigration Officer at Port of Arrival
Required by the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States,

Letter from Wilhelm Egberts; to William I;
Address of letter: Sent from; Oldenburg, Old Lufkaminn 50, Germany
My Dear Children,
I have some sad news, our dear Mother is no longer with us. She died on the 12th at 3AM. She had been sick for seven weeks. It was her heart and kidney, and she was feeling a little better, but on top of all that she got the flu. Monday evening the doctor came and gave her a shot, because she had so much trouble breathing. After the shot she started breathing easier and went to sleep.
Linda was sleeping in the same room with Mother, at midnight we looked in on her and she was sleeping, at 2 AM we realized that she had died in her sleep, she looked like she was still asleep. She died without more pain, very quietly.
My dear son Willie, you have lost a very dear and loving Mother, and I am a old very unhappy Father. I lost everything when your mother died, your Mother was the best and most important thing in my life, without her life is a burden, wish I could have died with her. My happiness has gone. I loved her so much, we always were very happy, she had so much worry in her life and now she is sleeping peacefully.
We have always hoped we could die together, and now she has left me alone, life has no meaning for me anymore. We loved each other more than most people do. My dear son, what can I do alone in this world. I am sitting here watching her peaceful face, flowers around her death bed, she always liked lots of flowers. Mother always told me, if she should die before I do, I should live with Berta, but I can't do that, I cannot leave her alone here. I can visit her at the cemetery everyday, otherwise I will have too much time on my hands.
I will move in with Linda, she is such a good daughter.
My dear son, I am so upset and really don't know what is left for me in this world, sending you last greeting from Mother and don't forget your old Father.
Our love to you, your Father and Sisters. Please write soon Father.

Death notice: Tonight my unforgettable wife, our dear Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother died after a short illness. The Family of Wilhelm Egberts.

Wilhelm Egberts --Son-in-law of Rudolf Thiel --Alexander, Germany ? 39.II 
Schroeder, Bertha (I34)
The Family of John Sharpe, Revolutionary War Soldier, by Mildred J. Miller 1976 says the Chipley information if from Dr. Claiborne Smith Jr. of Philadelphia, PA
Wesley Feimster also provided birth and death dates of the Chipley family recorded by a member of his family.

Dr. Claiborne Smith, Jr of PA had a long article in the book "Historical Southern Families Vol. XI" edited by Mrs. John Bennett Boddie copyright in 1967, which contained the same information included in Glynn Baldwin Chipleys information. I do not know who did the actual research but Glynn B. Chipleys son George of Brookfield, Wisconsin in a letter of 1992 says that his father compiled the genealogy in 1929. 
Chipley, George Washington (I1656)
11  Jarboe, Henry III (I1799)
12  Jarboe, Joshua Sr. (I1805)
13  Gebhart, Johann Peter (I3771)
14 "farmer and auctioneer, was born in Spring Garden township, December2, 1820. His parents, Adam and Mary (Liebhart) Bahn, were natives of Spring Garden and Hellam Townships, respectively, and of German descent. He is the sixth child and third son of a family of ten children. After attending the schools of his native place he began the occupation of farming (and auctioneering in 1850) which he still pursues. He is a member of the Evangelical Association, was many years a class leader and for twenty years a steward in that denomination. Since 1882 he has been an exhorter in the Emigsville Chapel, and has been superintendent of the Union Sunday-school for nearly a quarter of a century. In May, 1847, he was commissioned first lieutenant of the Sixth Company, Third Regiment First Brigade of the Pennsylvania Miliatia, by Gen. Daniel A. Stillinger, and served until the militia was disbanded. Was once elected assistant assessor,and twice judge of elections of Manchester Township, and is a stockholder in the York City Market and Gettysburgh Turnpike Company. In 1875 he removed from his farm in Conewago Township to his present home on a tract of twenty-three acres, beautifully located, and in addition to the work of attending it, is representing the Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of York, and for several years the Conewago & Dover Insurance Company. Mr. Bahn was married in York, December 5,1841, to Susan Tyson, daughter of Daniel Tyson, of Spring Garden. They have had ten children: Amanda, Susan, Mary A., Daniel T., John A., Samuel F., Frederic M., George W., William H. N. and Elmer E." Bahn, Samuel Libhart (I697)
15 "On 15 March 1698 Johannes Gebhard, Legitimate son of Hans Peter Gebhard, citizen at Desloch, and Anna Eva, surviving legitimate daughter of the late Melchior Stephan, inhabitant at Kirschroth in the County of the Rhine (Rheingrafschaft), were married and sanctified in wedlock after the usual previous roclamations. May the Lord direct the source of all good things to these dear people as much blessing as may be necessary and beneficial to them." Family F2703
16 (491) Family tradition is that Lt. Col. John Jarboe was buried at St. Francis Xavier Cemetery at Newtown. Jarboe, Lt. Col. John (I1709)
17 (491) Stephen Gough married secondly Clare ____, and she is the widow in his will in 1700 Tattershall, Mary M. (I1710)
18 (Deed 2Cm pg449) Liphart (Liebhart), Johan George (I687)
19 (Pickaway or Franklin) Nier, William (I1234)
20 *Anna Margaretha's tombstone: "In the rear of the Lutheran Cemetery, Rehrersburg, next to the fence, there is an old, badly worn and eroded red stone, with a difficult to read inscription: 'Anna Margareda Gebharton, geborn 24 nove 1710, gestorben 1783, 73 alt...9 kinder, 6 sons, 3 daughters'"
Hier ruhet die verstorblich schwester Anna Margaretda Gebhartin · Sie ist gebor. d. 24 Nove. 1710. Sie hinderliess dank sie Gott ihren Ehemann 9 Kinder, 6 S. u. 3 T. Starb Alt 73 Jahre allein 1783

“Here lies the deceased
among the sisters
Anna Margareda who here
Gebhart(en) is known as
Born Domina 24 November
1710 She left behind
thank you God her
husband 9 children
6 sons and 3 daughters
in her 73 year alone
grave is located in the last row, on the west side of the churchyard and faces west.  
Massa, (Jeanne) Anna Margaretha (I3305)
21 *Daniel Manbeck (son of Daniel and Margaret) marriage 19 July 1825 to Elizabeth Winning recorded 01 October 1825 by Thomas Winters, Minister of the Gospel, page 152 Montgomery County Marriage Records, Vol. A.

1856 Jefferson Township, Buchanan County, Pennsylvania
Daniel Monbeck 52yrs b. Pennsylvania
Benjamin Kanouse (& family) 28 yrs b. Ohio
Elizabeth 23yrs b. Ohio
Eliza Jane 3 yrs b. Ohio
George months old b. Ohio or Iowa

Probate Court of the court house at Dayton, Ohio.
21 June 1830
Henry Gephart aged 19 yrs., Elizabeth Gephart aged 16 yrs., Daniel Gephart aged 13 yrs., heirs of Henry Gephart, dec’d, chose Daniel Monbeck as their gaurdian.
Case # 1012 (Doc. H-1, p. 503)
(Gateway to the West Vol 7-8 page 90 977.1 G221 1974-1975 ACPL)

Found a Philip Monbeek in 1825 Census of Males in Darke County, Ohio 
Manbeck, Daniel (I2353)
22 *Phillip Gebharts Nauralization: [And in like manner, in September Term following, to wit: On the twenty-fourth day of September 1755, at the said Supream Court, before the said Judges, in pursuance of the aforesaid Act of Parliament, the following persons, viz:] ... Philip Gephart, Sacrament taken 27 July 1755...Certified by William Allen, Esquire, Chief Justice. The foregoing is a true and perfect List, taken from the original Certificate, under the Hand of William Allen, Esquire, remaining in my office. Richard Peters. Source: Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume 2, "Persons Naturalized in the Province of Pennsylvania." Edited by John B. Linn and Wm. H. Egle. Harrisburg: B.F. Meyers, State Printer, 1876, pp. 345-397. Gebhart, Johann Georg Philip (I3304)
23 ...went to Western Maryland, near Rockville by a 1758 listing. Very likely went to western Maryland with brother James. In 1795 went to Mason Co. Kentucky Lastly to Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio, where he died in 1808.

Tax List: 1783 - Middle Potomac, Georgetown
Stephen Jarboe
“Cleland” 30 acres - value $20
1 small old house & 2 or 3 small out houses
all cleared soil & then a small orchard
FHL microfilm#1001813 Nov 2007

Frederick County Maryland Land Records; Liber J Abstracts, 1763-1767
Abstracted by: Patricia Abelard Andersen
975.287 An24 v.5 (Mid-Continent Library - Dec 2008)
Pg 15:
ppg213-214 in Liber J
Thomas Hartley & Sons recorded bill of sale was recorded 20 March 1764. I Stephen Jarboe, bricklayer, of Frederick County,(MD) for and in consideration of his obligation with me to Thomas Hartley, and Sons in the sum of 23..2..10c.m., and account, have bargained unto Thomas Cleland 3 beds, 3 bedsteads and all their furniture, value about 15..12..6; 4 head of cattle, 2 head of sheep, 7 head of hogs; one table value 5 shillings, 3 chairs value 6 shillings; one washing tub, one pail, one pigon, 6 pewter plates, one dish, one large basin, 2 dozen spoons, one dozen knives and forks, one tin pan, one porriger, one wine glass, one mug , one large tub, small kettle, one chest, one looking glass, one Dutch oven and hooks, one iron pot, one candlestick, one box iron and heaters, one pair tongs, one axe, one broad hoe, one hackel. nevertheless if he pays sum above with interest this is of no effect. Signed: Stephen Jarboe before Brook Beall. Ack. before Josi Beall. 
Jarboe, Stephen (I1802)
24 0r 21 Oct. 1800 - county court record Family F1833
25 1 August 1874, F. D. Walker sold the cemetery to the Monroe Twp. trustees. Some 20-25 years ago the twp. trustees collected all the headstones they could find and moved them to Dry Fork Baptist Chapel graveyard in sec. 13 and re-erected them in a long continuous concrete foundation ... there was no attempt to move any remains. Jellison, Mary (I1225)
26 1 yr 1 mo 25 days Clayburg, Mary M. (I884)
27 1 yr 8 mos & 3 days old Clayburg, James A. (I883)
28 10 days Winslow, Infant (I425)
29 10 o’clock Sunday morning, 54 yrs, 4 mos., 6 days - Annals of the Bahn,.... Part 2, pg 5

Her funeral took place on the following Tuesday Morning at nine o’clock. The solemn occasion was improved by her pastor Rev. Daniel Ziegler, from the words “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that hearth my word and believeth in him that sent men, hath everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation but is passed from death unto life.” St. John, 5:24. Her remains repose on the Kreutz Creek Cemetery. She was the third adult person that was buried on that graveyard. 
Liphart (Liebhart), Mary Anna Marie (Polly) (I690)
30 1011 Oakley Jarboe, Edwin Arthur Jr. (I2111)
31 11 January 1700 his inventory was taken (20:143) on 17 March 1704 Henry Jarboe administered his estate valued at (pounds) 7:13:06 (Acc’t 8B:8) Joy, Charles (I2368)
32 12. Died in Philadelphia, May 10th 1874, Albert S. infant son of Anna and the late Adam B. Blessing, aged 8 months. His funeral took place on the following Thursday morning from the residence of his Grandfather, John Blessing in Spring Garden Twp. His remains were interred next to that of his father in the Kreutz Creek Cemetery.

Soon we shall meet thee in that land
Where we shall ere united stand,
And shall be happy evermore
And one Redeemer ere above. 
Blessing, Albert Smyser (I2993)
33 127 S. Pearl St., Havana, Illinois Oswald, Mrs. Fannie D. (I906)
34 14 yrs old in 1880 Miles, Edward (I258)
35 15 to 20 years younger than sisters Poesel, Alma Louise (I113)
36 16 days after his elder brother Liphart (Liebhart), Benjamin (I3623)
37 16th Sunday after Trinity Sponsors: Christopher Wohlferth & wife Gebhart, Mary Margaretha (I3328)
38 17 December 1641 - Transported into the Province of Maryland as a servant

2 Jan. 1646 - Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1636-1647 Gc975.2 Ar2 v.3
Pg 174 - Sworn to the Oath of ffealty -- John Jarbo , Henry Spink.

He gave a deposition in 1647 that he was 26 upward (Archives of Maryland IV:324).

By 2 January 1648, Henry Spink owned his own plantation and took the Oath of Fidelity to Lord Baltimore (Patents 1:205).

Henry Spink with John Shircliffe, owned a house where they lived in Newtown on 20 October 1648. (Archives of Maryland VI:208) The daughter of John Sircliffe called Henry Spink uncle, and John Shircliffe called Henry Spink brother-in-law.

Maryland Calendar of Wills from 1635-1685 (Gc 975.2 C82M)
Mentions Henry Spinke - brother-in-law - as overseer of John Shirtcliffe’s will - which was filed 2 Dec 1661 and probated 26 May 1663

Early Families of Frederick County, Maryland and Adams County, Pennsylvania by Steve Gilland 975.287 G411e
Mid-Continent Lib Dec 2008
Under Thomas Spalding 1640-1713
pg 61 - “... Shircliffe’s will was probated in 1663 and lists his wife Ann, sons William and John, daughters Ann and Mary, brother-in-law Henry Spinke, and cousin Thomas Spalding...”
pg 61 - “... During the 1668 Provincial Court, Catherine Hall (married Thomas Spalding by 1674) was assigned a servvant of John Jarboe until she arrived at the age of twenty-two. From these records we determiine that Catherine was born about 1668. Catherine was an indentured servant of John Jarboe of St. Mary’s County and served as a governess to his children.”

On 2 September 1653 Henry Spink received a patent for 100 acres called “Linstead” on the east side of the main fresh at the head of St. Clement’s Bay.

Also spelled Spinke
On 29 April 1667 he obtained 200 acres of “St. William’s Hermitage.”

On 18 March 1673 he obtained 300 acres of “Twittman.” “Linstead’s Addition” containing 100 acres was patented for Henry Spink on 31 March 1682.

A Margaret and Thomas Spink also transported 1667 (Patent 11:162). And William Spink in 1671.

In 1661 when John Shircliffe wrote his will he named his brother Henry Spink and friend Peter Mills as the overseer of his will. Mary the daughter of John Shercliffe gave a deposition in 1712 when she was 65 years old and said Henry Spink had been her uncle. 
Spink, Henry (I1705)
39 1740-1752
Essex County Court Minutes 1740-1752
John & John Jr.
Jellison, Jollison - Vol 29: pg 94

On 5 July 1793 he was granted 300 acres of land in Armstrong Township, Westmoreland Co. Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Warrant Register, Vol. 21 (Westmoreland & Washington Counties) LDS film#1003199. The register is really and index. At the time John Jellison’s warrant was “returned” on 29 Jan 1838, the land was patented to R. & E. Jellison (presumably John’s brothers Robert and Ephraim).

Notes from Margaret E. Jellison via Mrs Helen Curtis of Batsvia, IL
Westmoreland County Court House, Pennsylvania
22 October 1797 - James Irwin sells to John & Ephraim Jellison 442.5 acres in Armstrong Twp. (vol. 3, pg. 151)

Sarah is John’s wife in 1809 (per land record). On 10 March 1809, John Jellison and his wife Sarah of Derry sold to Peter Bridg, land in Derry that John had bought from Samuel Doty one month before. Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania Deed Book #9, pp. 206-7

In 1810 John Jellison appears in the census in Derry Twp. as follows: 2 males under 10; 1 male 10-16; 1 male 26-45; 4 females under 10; 1 female 26-45.

moved to Preble OH about 1811
Excerpts from: History of Preble County, Ohio (With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches)
Published by: H.Z. Williams & Bro. in 1881 and Reproduced by: A Reproduction by Unigraphic, Inc. 1972
1798 Direct Tax, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Gilson, John - Dr [Derry] E [general list] 101 [pg or entry] (2)[column]
Gilson, Robert - Dr E 104
Gilson, William - Dr B [tax list B - information pertaining to buildings] 105 & Dr E 106

H 977.171 HIS
Chapter on Monroe Township [Preble County, Ohio]:
Last Township to be established, severed from Washington Twp. on 29 Sept 1817
Surface of the Township was boggy, and in places covered with stagnant pools. ...due to ...many small streams found their rise in this
The first official date of a settler was in 1816, Josiah Davisson. However, the first known settler was Charles Armantrout several years
prior to this
“At an early date John Jellison settled in the south-eastern part of section twenty-three.”

On 4 June 1812, John Jellison was one of the appraisers of the estate of James Willson of Preble County. Preble County, Ohio Will Abstracts 1806-1854.

Excerpts from: Historical Program Book of Lewisburg, Preble County, Ohio
977.171 St. Louis County Library
“Our area in th 1830’s and 40’s was a part of the “Great Corn Belt”
“Mail was first carried in and out or our area by casual travelers. Then came the saddle-bag, horse-back delivery route from Dayton through West Alexandria, Lewisburg, Hagerstown, Castine and Greenville. After that it came in on the Hamilton & Greebville Omnibus Company stage coach. Those were once per weel deliveries”

On 11 November 1833, John Jellison of Preble County, Ohio sold to Robert Jellison of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, for $150, 52 acres of land “which was inherited by the said John from the Estate of the late Robert Jellison deceased father of the parties to this instrument... Subject however to the right of the Dower of Margaret Jellison the mother of the parties hereto and wife of the said Robert deceased...” Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania Deed Book #51, p. 220. This deed was not recorded until 24 June 1864, shortly before the land involved was sold by the executors of the estate of Robert Jellison, Jr.

Listed in Preble County Personal Property Tax 1827-1834 Vol. 1; 1835-1842 Vol. 2; 1843-1850 Vol 3
Gc977.101 P91gc
For years of: 1827 through 1849 
Jellison, John (I1222)
40 18 April 1775
Deed Book [?] C, pg 449
George Liebhart sold to John Mate land lying in Hellam Township, County of York, Pennsylvania containing 100 acres being part of a larger Tract of 200 acres given by Thomas Penn bearing the date of 30 October , 1736 granted to Henry Liebhart and was in his Last Will & Testament - land willed to George; for 760£ 
Liphart (Liebhart), Johan George (I687)
41 18. Died in Goshen, Indiana, December 5th 1874 Aaron Kromling. He came to his death by an accident. The following particulars concerning his terrible death I shall copy from a York paper. “It seems that Mr. K. went up on the third floor of a mill where he works to oil some machinery on the night of the 5th of December. Mr. Stauffer, the owner of the mill and the watchman were the only persons in the bullding. mr. Stauffer heard a jarring in the machinery and ran up the stairs where he beheld Kromling between two large wheels making sixty revolutions a minute with his right leg cut off entirely at the high point, his neck broken, and his forehead crushed in. His death doubtless was almost instantaneous. Precisely how the accident occurred is not known. It took almost half an hour to extricate his mangled body from the whole.” The deceased was a former resident of York County. Kromling, Leah (I779)
42 1825
List of taxable inhabitants in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania for 1825
Derry Township:
Gelleson, Ephraim
Gelleson, Robert
Gelleson, Robert Jr
Gelleson, Thomas
Gellison, James

1830 & 1840 Census - Derry Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA
1850 & 1860 Census - Ward Twp., Randolph Co., IN 
Jellison, Thomas (I1488)
43 1825
List of taxable inhabitants in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania for 1825
Derry Township:
Gelleson, Ephraim
Gelleson, Robert
Gelleson, Robert Jr
Gelleson, Thomas
Gellison, James

James Jylison, 1830 census in Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co., PA
James Jellison, 1850 census “ “
James Jellison, 1860 census “ “
James Jellison, age 69, in 1870 census “ “ 
Jellison, James (I1361)
44 1849 according to 1900 Census Sutter, Caroline Susanna (I30)
45 1850 Census - Centre Twp., Indiana Co., PA Jellison, Eliza (I1374)
46 1850 Census Derry Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA
1860 Census Franklin Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA
1870 Census Unity Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA 
Jellison, Jonathan (I1372)
47 1850 census for Miami Twp, Montgomery County, Ohio at age 80
1860 census for Jefferson Twp living with her daughter, Elizabeth Shell, age 93. 
Kramer, Elizabeth (I3337)
48 1850 census lists age as 35?? Harshman, Sally (I1291)
49 1850 Federal Census Washington Twp, Preble County, Ohio
pg 238 (June 29) Eaton
Jellison, Samuel 28 b. PA occ: Wagoner
Elizabeth 24 b. Ohio
Ruth 3 F b. Ohio
William 3 M b. Ohio
John 1 M b. Ohio

Preble County, Ohio Land Records; Vol. 7, Books 34-38
Recorded 1844-1851
By Audrey Gilbert, McDowell Pub.; Utica, KY 1996

pg 54. 24 January 1846
Samuel (his mark) and Elizabeth (her mark) Jellison late Cassel, daughter and heir of Ralph Cassell, late of Preble, dec’d for $130 to John Cassel of Preble also child of Ralph, releasing claim to
Wend NE 1/4, Sect 5, Township 7, Range 2, 66 acres, which Ralph seized in at time of death and which descended to his children. Wit: David V. & I. Stephens
Recorded 2 March 1846 
Jellison, Samuel (I1376)
50 1860 Census in Chester Twp., Wells Co., IN Jellison, Ephraim (I1351)

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