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101 4 children under the age of 14 at time of his death

Pennsylvania Orphan’s Court - FHL film # 22155
Court Dockets Book I pg 435
7th June 1808
Came into Court Philip Leiphart aged Seventeen Years and upwards minor Son of Valentine Leiphart deceased and prayed to be permitted to Chuse a Guardian and Named Nicholas Diehl, Whereupon The Court appoint the said Nicholas Diehl Guardian over the person abd Estate of said Minor. 
Liphart (Liebhart), Philip (I744)
102 4 Children:
Laura M., b. 18 Jun 1891; md Harry L. Stine
Willis P.; b. 23 Feb. 1895; md Irene F. Heindel
Lester H.; b. 17 Apr. 1897
Mary H.; b. 9 Apr 1903; md Martine L. Hengst 
Dietz, Amos W. (I3072)
103 4 Children:
Paul D., b. 1 Jan 1891; d. Dec 1956; md Arlene Horn
Estella M., b. 5 Dec 1892; md 10 Oct 1930 Spurgeon Hovis
Arlene G. b. 14 Apr 1896; md 28 Jun 1921 Daniel Hollinger
Mary E., b. 6 Dec 1898; d. 8 Feb 1965 (Kreutz Creek); md 1 Dec 1921 Clair Henry 
Dietz, Amanda (I3068)
104 4 Feb 1834 ? date - makes Mary 12 Family F1997
105 46y, 11m, 12d Clayberg, John Henry (I802)
106 5 Children:
Maggie b. 22 Nov 1888; md 1922 Harry Sechrist
Carrie b. 8 Sept. 1890; md 1913 Elmer Heindel
Martha b. 25 Apr 1894; md Paul Dehoff
Clarence b. 1 Apr 1899; d. 22 May 1983
Grace b. 27 Jul 1905; d. 24 Nov 1992; md 1932 Ernest Becker 
Dietz, Susanna (I3070)
107 5 mos Jellison, Mollie (I2226)
108 51years, 2mos, 18days old Jarboe, Robert (I1863)
109 52yrs and 13 days is on the tombstone Hester, Mary Ellen (I1491)
110 55y …. Dietz, George F (I3009)
111 59 years, 6 months, 13 days Laucks, Catherine (I2975)
112 6 November 1789
Deed Book C-113 pg 107
Codorus Township in the County of York [Pennsylvania]
20 acres land surveyed for Jacob Keller warrant of land
Re-surveyed 17th March 1857 at request of Henry Bahn the present owner 
Keller, John Jacob (I1193)
113 6 Oct 1800, Georg Gebhardt, son of Valentin Gebhardt, m. Margreth Drio, single

March 30th 1783 Valentine Gebhart and wife Catherine are sponsors of Michael; parents are Nicholas Jr. & Catherine Schaeffer

Obtained from the Henry Janssen Library; Historical Society of Berks County, 940 Centre Ave., Reading, Pennsylvania 19601; tele # 610-375-4375; May 2011
ID #13834; Collection #13; Collection Code - AC
Petition to the Representatives of the State of Pennsylvania, undated. Signed by 238 individuals, including some signified by a mark, some are unreadable, some have the name written next to it in pencil.
remonstrance |riˈmänstrəns|
a forcefully reproachful protest : angry remonstrances in the Senate | he shut his ears to any remonstrance.
• ( the Remonstrance) a document drawn up in 1610 by the Arminians of the Dutch Reformed Church, presenting the differences between their doctrines and those of the strict Calvinists.
Remonstrance of Inhabitants of Berks County
To the Honourable Representatives of the Freemen of the State of Pennsylvania in Gerneral Assembly met, the following remonstrance of a number of the inhabitants of Berks County. Sheweth,
That we are not a little surprised to find that a Resolve has passed the Honourable House at Your last sessions calculated to throw the State into new convulsions and revive the animossities which, we have reason believe were well nigh allayed, namely, that the Sentiments of the People might be taken respecting a new Convention to alter or abolish certain articles of our happy constitution. As it is our undoubted priviledge to have our Sentiments respecting this resolve laid before your H on the Body,we are bold to say, that they come from men who have the most tender regard for the Honour, and Reverence for the dignity and authority of our Representatives acting in a legal and constitutional manner.
It has been our Study to promote order by supporting your authority when just raissing its head, against the confusion and licentiousness of the times; and that virulent apposition it met with from a factious and dis.... [tape obliterates this line] ... we either complain of your proceedings, or call in question your power.
Yet as we regard the future Tranquility and ... of the State, we cannot in Justice both to our selves and Representatives, avoid sending up to the Honouable House the warmest remonstrance against a resolve in every point of light fraught with Danger and mischei to the State and praying that at your next Sessions it may be wholly reseinded.
We are at a loss to know what could have induced the Hon.ble House to pass a resove of such an extraordinary nature when there was neither a call of the people, nor yet any embarrassment in the way to obstruct the execution of you laws. If such opposition and embarrassment had subssisted, it must, doubtless have been first felt by the Executive branch, who doubtless would have represented the incompetency of the constitution in its present form for the purposses of good Government and concurred with you in taking the Sense of the people upon the proposed amendments. But no such representation has been made by the Hon.ble Council and therefore we presume no such incompetency has been found. Nay so far from this, we are informed, on your authority that the measure was preprobated by the council as calculated to produce the most penicious effects. We think it would have been but common decency to have taken the council with you in a matter not belonging to you in a legislative capacity and in which they were equally the Prepresentatives of the people with Yourselves.
But we can Ttrace the rife of your Resolve no further than you own House. Had you been elected to sit as a convention, there would have been strict propriety in you Conduct but consider as an assembly, chosen and appointed to act upon a Constitution already formed to your hands, you have executed your power, have violated the purposes of your election, and exposed the Constitution to the ... of a Single election of which you were the appointed Conservators and Guardians, and which you had plighted your faith to preserve inviolate: Had you declared that you would not hold your seals under the Constitution, there would have been found Persons, doubtless who would. But to prfess to hold them, and proceed to trangress the purposses for which you were chosen to fill then ... is at once absurb and inconsistent. We can conceive therefore of the other alternative but either resigning your Seats or Refunding your resolve. We cannot but Judge that you have Strangely neglected the Constitution in you Hasty Resolve when no Sudden Necessity pressed you and that the State of the votes appointed to be taken at both absurd and ensnaring by doubling it so that Persons must vote both for and against the same thing at one and the same time.
However the Hon’ble House may reconcile their proceedings with their own solemn Oath to preserve the Constitution inviolate we can not help thinking that they meant either to tempt those of their Consituents who hae taken the Same Oath to violate their faith or to shut them entirely our of the proposed election. We are truly surprized at the Hon’ble House in holding up for the cosideration of the proposed to Convention, prepositions that lie at the very foundation of our Constitution and makes us conclude that the house have a very low opinion of that dignity and independence to which we had ... them by subjecting themselves to the precarious determination of a Convention whether another house should be created and Set over their head to check and controul their proceedings. We wish to See no power above you but that of the people and however You may be determined to ... with you priviledges we are determined not part with ours. We chose to retain the reins of Government in our own hands and as the power is radically with us resolve, that no Particular body of men whatever wealth, Influence or Talents, they may possess, shall check or controul you otherwise than as members of the community at Large.
When we consider this and the subseequent Articles all calculated to draw the power our of the hands of the people, and to vest them in the hands of a few, we have just ground to apprehend that the Resolve in question, has originated from some discontented and ambitious spirits in Your House; as the former opposers of our independance and Servants of the Propriatary have been in general the fore most in opposing the Constitution , and embarrasing and infeebling the government of established thereon.
As the Constitution appears to have made the amplest provision for Securing the liberties of the people we persuade ourselves that these in your house or elsewhere who would either weaken or overthrow it, have other ends in view than the Liberties of the people, namely the gratification of their insatiable lust after Power and Domination accounting it better to improve themselves to a Governer and Council of over grown and dangerouse than to their below citizens by whose free suffrage their Pride disdains to hold office.
To put the good people of this State to the Trouble and expence of a new Convention to unhinge their Government, to divide them into parties and irritate their minds for the sake of certain supposed inconviencies in the present Constitution and form of Government, said ... be suggested by divers petition presented to former assemblies; ... the Hon’ble House observes in their ... to they inhabitants of this State, they were confronted by a vastly Superior number, and even those Petitioners not renewing their Request, was beneath the wisdom of the legislative Body, and incomsistent with the goodness of heart which they should aways manifest with that Harmony, good order and universal benevolence which they should always cultivate in every part of the State and we would beg leave further to observe that the inv... of the State the resolution of a former assembly being dropped, and for good reason, never taken up untill your Hon’ble House thought Proper to revive it in a manner very different from theirs, and with an Artifice of which they were incapable, were true Causes why Remonstrance of a similar nature to this were not generally ...
Upon the whole cannot but apprehend that the Hon’ble House have come into the Resolve with precipitation have gone beyond the limit of the power delegated to them, laid the foundation for anarchy and confusion to reign throughout this State, and therefore require the Honourable House to retract said Resolve and never attempt carrying into execution a measure frequent with the greatest evils and which we cannot think of without Horror
Signed by: [238 people of which 2 were Gebharts]
signature of Philip Gebhart
signature of Vallin Din Geb hart 
Gebhart, Valentine (I3314)
114 6 yrs 9 months 16 days Winslow, Ida (I424)
115 60 years and 1 month old Horn, Elizabeth (I1864)
116 60y 9m 13d Bahn, Maria (I694)
117 60y, 6m, 19d Clayberg, Carl F. (I904)
118 64 yrs 1 day Miller, Christian (I670)
119 64y 10m 23d - on headstone Liphart (Liebhart), Mary (Maria) (I3764)
120 65 years and 18 days Anderson, Rebecca (I1489)
121 65 yrs, 8 mos., 18 days Lehman, John (I3037)
122 66 yrs, 4 months pg 8 of the Annals of Bahn....  Blessing, Magdalena (Molly) (I1205)
123 67 yrs old; plot #401 Sutter, Michael (I146)
124 69yrs., 6mos., 24days; Inscribed: My Dear Husband Dietz, Joseph (I3049)
125 7 August 1916
Jonesboro Evening Sun
...Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Clayburg and several others of Herman neighborhood attended services at the Arbor meeting Sunday

Notice posted twice
4 May 1920
4 June 1920
Jonesboro Evening Sun
Notice: This is to certify that my wife Mrs. Lottie Clayburg has left my home and I will not be responsible for any debts she might make. April 13, 1920 
Clayburg, William Edward (I1214)
126 7 yrs 11 mos 17 days Dietz, Levi (I776)
127 70th year Liphart (Liebhart), Jacob (I3369)
128 70y 3m 12d Weltzhoffer, Jacob (I3373)
129 71 yrs 9 mos 27 days Lauenroth, Jurgen (Georg) Heinrich Christian (I3678)
130 72 years 11 months 7 days Liphart (Liebhart), Jacob (I754)
131 72 yrs, 23 days Jellison, Phebe (I1228)
132 74 yrs, 4 mos, 10 days Poff, Sarah (I1287)
133 74yrs & 5 mos. 12 days; plot # 1004 Sutter, Philippina (I305)
134 8 Children born in Mitchell County, Kansas Jellison, Robert (I1221)
135 8 Children:
Walter H. b. 12 Nov. 1984; md Mammie Ott
Mervin S. b. 6 Mar 1897;d. 30 Apr 1979; md. Margaret Knisley
Emma E. b. 6 Aug 1898; d. 16 Oct. 1931
Mary E. b. 2 Jul 1900; md. Harry P. Landis
Harry E.b. 4 May 1902; md. Hester P. Smith
George E. b. 27 Apr 1905; d. 7 Dec 1988; md. Carrie Blessing
Lillian A. b. 19 Jul 1906; md. William Shrader
Rachel M., b. 30 Aug 1907; md Harry H. Dorone 
Dietz, David S. (I3077)
136 80 yrs less 58 days - see digital copy under multimedia Ziegler, Christina Catherine (I3339)
137 80 yrs, 11 mos, 18 days Jellison, Ephraim (I1231)
138 805 W. Cheyenne Martin, Joe Alfred (I3522)
139 82nd year of her age Mate, Mary (I2951)
140 83Y 8M 8D Jellison, Ephraim Mathew (I1490)
141 84 years 1 month 6 days Joy, Nancy Jane (I3080)
142 86 years 6 months 10 days Liebhart, Henry (I745)
143 86 yr., 8 mos., 12 days Walker, Frederick (I1285)
144 86y Kessler, Lucinda (I673)
145 88 years 2 months and 4 days Jellison, Margaret (Peggy) (I1227)
146 88y 4m 16d Blessing, John (I701)
147 88y, 10m, 2d Wertman, Maria (I899)
148 88y,10m,3d Baughman, Elizabeth (I466)
149 88yrs 2mos 25 days - is birth date of 7 Jul 1798 Jellison, John (I1226)
150 9 children are listed:
Prince, Ruth, Joseph, John, Simon, Abigail, Jedediah, Jonathan, David
for more info go to rootsweb 
Joy, Joseph (I2865)

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