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151 90 year 4 months 16 days; died at his home Jellison, John (I1222)
152 90y 11m 8d Gohn, Maria Elizabeth (I3174)
153 96 years 5 months 17 days Jellison, Mary (I1225)
154 ? body donated for science Poesel, Elsie (I112)
155 ? marriage to Jacob Mellinger Gebhart, Anna Maria (I3840)
156 ? married George Schaeffer Gebhart, Sarah (I4047)
157 ? married William Thomas Boarman, Catherine (I1758)
158 ?? lived in IL 1850-1880 Clayburg, John (I523)
159 a carpenter living at home (as of 1900) Snyder, Franklin Benjamin (I3700)
160 A good baseball player. The St. Louis Browns were interested in him

See Residence information filed under residence notes of Charles Kenow Sr. 
Kenow, Harvey Henry (I81)
161 a mechanic (as of 1900) Snyder, Walter Sylvester (I3701)
162 About 1938: Herman’s kids came to St. Louis one time to visit. His kids had head lice and gave it to all of Faith Hopes children. They had to wear caps and it was treated with ? kerosene. Marshall, Herman (I325)
163 abt 3 miles west of Desloch Family F2749
164 Accidental Liphart (Liebhart), John (I748)
165 according to father’s will, dec’d Gebhart, Catharine (I3316)
166 according to father’s will, he is dec’d Gebhart, Johan Phillip (I3317)
167 according to his father’s will Keller, Henry Adam (I1190)
168 According to Jesuit Records: In 1774 Charles Joy, Jr. gave money to St. Aloysius’ Church, St. Joseph’s Church, and Our Lady’s Chapel.

Wrote his will on 3 December 1783 and it was probated on 13 January 1784 (JJ#1:249-250)
Left his estate to his wife Elizabeth, and after her death it was to be equally divided between her five children - all Medcalf’s. Also left a cow for his daughter-in-law Mary Medcalf. 
Joy, Charles Jr. (I2380)
169 across railroad tracks from Piedmont, WV where James and Annie lived Jarboe, Captain James A. (I383)
170 Address at time of death: 4035 John

Look up her obit at the city library. Rehg, Phillippine (see Koehler)
Post Dispatch: Koehler, Phillippine (nee Rehg) 2/13 p7 1884 
Sutter, Philippina (I305)
171 Address: 80A Franklin Lane, Whiting, NJ 08759 Tegtmeyer, Martha Adele (I54)
172 Administrator of Jacob Clayberg’s estate, see Jacob’s will

From: Cecil
To: Doug & Judy Cotter
Date: Friday, January 17, 2003 7:38 AM
Subject: Re: Amos P. Smalley query

I was notified of your GenForum Smalley posting. I'm quite pleased to be able to contact another descendent.

I've visited Sharp Co, AR and I've looked for some records there. But, I've long had difficulty in finding Amos's ancestry.

Amos was married three times. My wife descends from his third wife, Alice Francis Jackson. There weren't any children (that I know of) from his second marriage and his third marriage produced only two children (I think without Arkansas connection). Therefore, I'll make my guess that you are descended from his first wife Eliza Clayberg.

There was more than one Amos P. Smalley, but surely not in Sharp Co. I'm anxious to learn more of what you know about Amos. Have you visited his grave site? Do you know of his relation to any other Smalleys of his own generation?

Olathe, KS 
Smalley, Amos P. (I346)
173 adopted Moehle, Robert Carey (I3505)
174 Adopted by the Benzmillers Benzmiller, Greydon Marshall Jellison (I3356)
175 After immigrating, they traveled west and north into Lancaster County, to Swatara Township, in what is now Lebanon County and later lived in Bethel Township, in Berks County.

Dec 1778
Will: Berks County, Pennsylvania; Will Book #2, page 355.
Named his wife Anna Cathrina and children: Phillip, Margretha, Jacob, Cathrina, Barbara, John and Elisabeth.

5 Nov 1784
Deed Book 10, pages 233-235 in Berks County, Pennsylvania he leaves tthe land in Bethel Twonship to son Phillip after payment to his brothers and sisters: Jacob, Jjohn, Margaret, wife of John Kreamer, Catharine, wife of George Kneable, Barbara, wife of Nicholas Merkey, Elizabeth, wife of George Schreckengast and Nicholas Gebhart. 
Gebhart, Johann Nickel (Nicholas) (I3866)
176 After Oct 1943 Family F72
177 After the Civil War, William is listed as a building contractor with his brother John M. in Oakland, Maryland. Jarboe, William Robert (I384)
178 age 70 Manbeck, Daniel (I2353)
179 Age: 49 years 7month 10 days Gohn, Elizabeth (I4304)
180 aged 26 years, 5 months, 16 days Bahn, John (I3052)
181 aged 55 years, 3 months, 1 day Libhart, Valentine (I676)
182 aged 59 years, 7 months, 10 days Liebhart, Catharina (I741)
183 aged 66 years, 8 months, 26 days Liphart (Liebhart), Magdalena (I742)
184 aged 69 years, 9 months, 14 days Liphart, Susanna (I675)
185 aged 71 years, 5 months, 28 days Dietz, Jacob (I586)
186 aged 79 years, 2 months, 3 days Mate, Appolonia (I677)
187 aged 81yrs, 6 mos, 7 days Jellison, James (I1361)
188 aged 82 years, 6 months, 20 days Clayburg, Isaac (I464)
189 aged about 1 yr 7 mos Joy, Samuel I. (I2844)
190 Albert went to Fresno California and then onto Oregon in about 1922. Jellison, Albert Street (I2281)
191 All his children and wife are named in a Court Docket where his land is dispersed - see will/probate note section.

Son is John J. Libhart - Artist, Judge, Naturalist, Druggist and Merchant

Johann ?Heinrich, born 7 March, 1765 - Godparents: Heinrich Schmidt & Margaret
Kreutz Creek Church, York Co., Pa., church records -  FHL US/CAN Film [ 1306274 Item 1 ]

22 Jan 1786
Henry Libhart & Christian Steiner are executors of Casper Ruby Decd (Windsor Twp.) & Magdelena Ruby Widow; County of York; Deed Book2D (Roll 6), pg184
York County Archives, York, Pennsylvania (May 2011)

Court Docket Book 15 pg 263
September Sessions 1794
… The following Persons were Sworn and Affirmed of the
Grand July To wit}
[20 men are listed] # 5 is Henery Liebhart Esq.

Signed new Conadochly church constitution as a Reformed member (Garrett, pg 73)

10 Dec 1773
Deed Book E pg 401
George Smith sells 168 acres to George Diets, Henry Liebhart and Jacob Harbaugh for 400 pounds.

Whereas in the Henry Smith’s will, as he died 1771, the words are as follows: to wit
“And after my wife’s death I bequeath unto my son George Smith all my plantation whereon I now live for the sum of 800 pounds whereof he my son George shall have 50 pounds……” “Since the widow of said Henry Smith deceased since his death also died… now the said George Smith son of Henry Smith doth sell unto George Diets Henry Liebhart and Jacob Harbaugh and all the 168 acres together with all and singular the houses out houses buildings barns stables gardens orchards and meadows pastures ways woods water courses rights liberties & privileges.”

1790 Census, is in Hellam, with self, 2 males under 16, and 7 females

8 Oct 1794
Between Jacob Gartner and Henry Liebhard who are executors for Peter Gartner the elder, late of Hellam Twp., County of York; Deed Book 2K, pgs 172-173
York County Archives, York, Pennsylvania (May 2011)

Notes and Queries - LXIII 974.8 N911 3rd. Series V. 1 by Engle
p 471
Not Complimentary or Polite -- The Reading Adler, published by Gotlieb Youngman & Co., contained a communication in 1795 villifying the character of the German minister at Harrisburg and vicinity, whereupon the trustees and elders rushed into print and characterized the writer “one of the most daring, impudent, meanest characters, and a notorious liar” - signed by Jacob Shultz, John Peiffer, Henry Libhart, Jacob Eby, Fred Long, George Hoyer, Henry Brunner, Leonard Umberger, Henry Kiblinger, and Jonas Rupp, Jr.
Dated at “Harrisburg, August 15, 1795.”

Court Dockets 1794-1799 pg 22
March Sessions 1795
Indictments Presented by the Grand Jury this Sessions
No. 2 Commonwealth v. Jacob Drit, Peter Drit, Christian Drit & Henry Leibhart}
Indictment for Riot and Forcible Entry Ignoramus
April 23rd 1796 […] fees pd by Com..

Revolutionary War Records
Series III, V.21, p.516
Series III, V.21, p.693
Series VI, V.2, p.414 
Liebhart, Henry (I685)
192 Also called Bennett Jarboe, Benedict (I2561)
193 Also found with births
Fridrich baptised 5 March 1786 Parents - Henrich and Catharin
Records of St. Luke’s Lutheran and Reformed Church, Chanceford Twp, also know as Stahley’s Union Church; a baptismal register for both congregations was begun in 1773 
Degan, Maria Catherina (I681)
194 Also listed in 1850 Census with John & Sarah
Gilbert M. age 16 born in Ohio Farmer
George W. age 12 born in Ohio 
Sarah (I1237)
195 Also spelled Spinke Spink (I2327)
196 Alt spelling - Maunbacher

Relates Margaret E. Jellison to Norman A. Miles: “Also is a page on some Common Pleas Court Records of Darke County, Ohio. This is the Monbeck family that Levi married into.” 
Manbeck, Elizabeth (Betsey) (I292)
197 alt spelling Mingom Mingam, Johannes (I4106)
198 Alternate given names: Debold, Dewald, David
Dear Mrs. Goode,
thank you for your mesaage. Of course you can send me the dates on your ancestors via e-mail.
I just checked our card file of emigrants. Several years ago D. E. Stahl of St. Louis asked us about Theobald Sutter from Godelhausen, who emigrated with wife and daughter.
I see that in the archives of Kusel there is some material on the emigration of this family. The couple left Godelhausen in 1834 with five children, together with another family (Philipp Schreiner, his wife and four children). If you are interested I could get copies made from these records. And of course I am interested to learn where the Sutters settled, what they did, when and where they died.
Have a good New Year!
Roland Paul 
Sutter, Jean Theobold (I300)
199 Alternate name: Molly Blesinger Blessing, Magdalena (Molly) (I1205)
200 Alternate surnames: Med, Meth, Medin
also have: Maria Appolonia Paulus

Her father’s land bordered the land of Henry Liphart, Valentine’s father. (noted in Henry Liphart’s will)

Court Dockets 1794-1799 pg 116
June Sessions 1796
No. 5 Respublica [Commonwealth] v. Appolona Leibhart
Indictment of an Assault - True Bill 
Mate, Appolonia (I677)

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