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1651 When “Annals....” was published Blessing, Melinda (I3057)
1652 When “Annals....” was written  Lehman, Zachary (I3028)
1653 When “Annals...” was published Lehman, Leah (I3033)
1654 when died was: 22 yrs, 6 mos., 14 days old Emma (I2995)
1655 when died: 32 yrs, 1 mo. and 12 days old Maria (I2994)
1656 When Edward Spink wrote his will in 1717, he left to his brother Henry Spink 25 acres near the dwelling house of Anastasia Langham, their step-mother.

Index to St. Mary’s County, Maryland, Wills 1634-1777
Liber 14 Folio 467 date 1717
Will; 18 Nov. 1717; 1 Dec. 1717
Daughters: Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary
Son: William
Brothers: Henry, Francis
Tract: Hicors (Hickory) Hallows (MCW 4.127) (SMW PC1.215)
Acct: 8 Nov. 1718; exs. Henry & Francis Spink (A 1.302) (SMAA p. 345)
Acct: 15 June 1720; daughter Marrgrett Spinke, dec’d (A 3.98) 
Spink, Edward (I2415)
1657 When only 3 years old, was left with friends of the family, the Nuckols. His parents never returned to get him. In the 1880 census shows him with this family. William came to Michigan with the Nuckols family in 1902 and settled in Wexfort County where he married. They moved to Alma, MI about 1916 and spent most of their lives here. They had ten children, nine still living (in 1988) Jellison, William Henry (I1320)
1658 When the article was written for following sourced book: “He reared a family of eight children, of whom six are living.” The article only listed one boy, so I assume the living children were girls and their names not mentioned. Jellison, William G. (I3208)
1659 Where he went to “recruit his health” Liphart (Liebhart), Jacob (I3624)
1660 Whitley County, Indiana Jellison, Clarissa (I3219)
1661 Whitley County, Indiana Jellison, Irena (I3220)
1662 who is a student of music in Bethany College at Topeka, Kansas (as of 1900)
Resided in Washington state 
Snyder, Gertrude Idelle (I3703)
1663 who is living in Benton township, is married and has four children (as of 1900) Snyder, Joseph Henry (I3699)
1664 who is married and has three children and makes his home in Center township, Atchison county (as of 1900)

Had 7 more children with second wife, Blanche

Harold Rolfe August 2010 - shared genealogy on the Snyder/Clayburg connection. He is a descendent of James Rezin 
Snyder, James Rezin (I780)
1665 Widow of David Abell Abell, Nancy (Vaughn) (I1963)
1666 wife of J. N. Brown, of Dryden, Michigan, by whom she has two children (as of 1900) Snyder, Mary Francis (I3695)
1667 Will - Left $260,000 to his 4 children to be divided equally (in 2009 that is about 6 million dollars). News article: St. Louis Republic; 4 March 1899; part 2, pg 3
A provision of the will is that the home of the family in Old Orchard must be pass from the control of the heirs until the youngest child, Lucien M. Chipley, has attained his majority. Arthur P. Brigham is named executor of the estate.

I.Sidney Ann - Mrs Arthur P. Brigham
II.Dean, born May 10, 1871; died Dec 21, 1898 -
St. Louis Republic Newspaper; 25 December, 1898; Dean Chipley, 28 years old, died at his home in Old Orchard on Friday evening from the effects of typhoid fever and bowel complaint which he contracted at Chickamauga, while serving as a private in the First Regiment, Missouri Volunteers. Young Chipley was the son of Lucian M. Chipley, a St. Louis business man. He was compelled to leave the regiment several weeks before its return to Jefferson Barracks. He partially recovered on sick leave, but had a fatal relapse several days ago.
III.Luella Ruth - died Feburary 27, 1802 in her 84th year; funeral from residence, No. 2847 Thomas Street, at 2 p.m. on Sunday, 18th; interment private. St. Louis Republic obit notices; 28 Feb. 1892
V.Lucien Morris, Jr.
IV.Wm. Russell Allen, born July 8, 1878; d. May 1903. 
Chipley, Lucian Morris (I1647)
1668 Will Book JJ1, p. 31/ written 24 Oct. 1777, probated 16 Dec. 1777 Vowels, Cyrus (I2066)
1669 Will dated: 24 Oct 1777, proven16 Dec 1777. Vowels, Cyrus (I2066)
1670 Will probated 27 February 1794 Manbeck, Rudolph (I3310)
1671 Will written 24 Feburary 1803 (found at FHL microfilm # 14426):
leaves his dwelling plantation in upper St. Mary’s hundred
Wife: Elizabeth
Sons: James, William Henry
Daughters: Ann, Mary, Rebecca 
Jarboe, Robert (I1863)
1672 William A Marshall and Elizabeth Marshall (Jarboe) Marshall, Faith Hope Victory (I19)
1673 William Chipley Affidavit:
Deed Book 25 pgs 315 & 316 Courthouse in Winchester, Virginia,
Frederick County;
This Day came William Chipley before me the Subscriber a Justice of the peace for the County aforesaid and made oath pursuant to the act of the assembly intitled an act for preventing the further importation of Slaves that his removal to this Commonwealth was with no intention to evade the said act that he neither Brought or caused to be brought any slaves with an intent of selling them nor have any of the slaves now in his the deponents possession been imported from africa or any of the west indian Islands since this first day of November 1778, and that he came from the state of Maryland within ten days last past sworn to before me [signed] James Barnett
20th Dec. 1780

The Deed Records of Queen Anne's Co. Md. show in a deed that William Chipley was a cordwainer. This was evidently a shoemaker, as this is defined as Spanish leather, used in medieval Europe for the boots of the wealthy, also cordovan.

Cartmell’s History of the Shenandoah Valley, page 492, contains the following:

This was one of the pioneer families. They were on this ground long before their first deed was recorded in 1775. Several lines started from this original stock and descendants bearing the name are found in several states. The ancestors of James and L. J. Chipley who took part in the affairs of the County were buried at Opecquon in a small lot on the south side of the old stone church. Prior to the Civil War this lot was surrounded by a stone wall and graves were marked by marble slabs all of which went along with the devastation. The only mark now (1909) is the wall foundation under the shade of old aspen trees.”

Mr. Frank B. Crawford of Winchester advised (June 1929) that “the Yankees destroyed all the tombstones” but that the outline of the lot is perfectly plain. Mr. Crawford also has two paintings (1900) of the home erected by Captain William Chipley in 1790. It was built of stone and logs, two stories, and so substantial that it stands today and is owned by Mr. Crawford’s brother. His father built an addition to the Chipley house. This property was acquired from the other heirs of James Chipley by his daughter, Elizabeth. It is said that her husband lost the property through poor management of his affairs shortly before the Civil War.

It is to be hoped that some of the personal papers of Captain William Chipley will be located and more light thrown on the personality of this remarkable man.

The arrangement of the issue of Captain William Chipley and his wife, Sarah Bell Chipley is based (1) on a letter written by Dr. William Benton Chipley (9) in which he states that his grandfather, told him that he, William Benton, his father, William (6), and Captain Wm. Chipley were each the oldest son in their respective families, and (2) the order in which they are named in the will of Capt. William Chipley

This information was taken from research of Glynn B. Chipley, a grandson of G.W. Chipley who was son of James Sharp Chipley. He prepared this file and sent out in 1930 to relatives he knew. He lived in St. Louis, Mo.

Found Jas. Chipley, Private, Warner’s Regiment, Continental Troops. Killed in Battle Oct. 11,1780 ?? possibly a brother or cousin
Abstracts of Kent Co., MD. Wills FHL 975.236 P28c v.1
pg 19
Will of Dennis Dulany of Kent Co. - written 22 March, 1780
Land given in will, “Remains of his Lordship’s Gracious Grant,” is given away. This land has 2 tenements held now by James Chipley and Josheph Whaley.

The 1787 Census of Virginia, Vol. 2, compiled by Yantis and Love, Genealogical Books in Print Springlield, Virginia
975.5 SCH72S (Dec 2008) Mid Continent Lib.
Frederick County, Personal Property Tax 1787 - List “B”
Chipley, William 3 blacks above age 16, 4 blacks under 16, 8 horses, 21 cattle

Family History Library Microfilm# 31331
Frederick Parish, Frederick County, VA Vestry Book 1764-1818
Minutes and accounts of the board of the overseers of the poor of Frederick County and the City of Winchester
May 4th 1802 - Wm. Chipley appt. visitor for the poor to start on the Monday after the first Tuesday in November next to end the first Tuesday before the first Tuesday in May 1803.
(page 183)
Page 230 - last mention of Wm. Chipley is 2 November 1804.

Title: Chipley Genealogy, A Memorandum of Records of the Family in America 1709-1930, Glynn Baldwin Chipley 
Chipley, Captain William (I1600)
1674 William George Tegtmeyer immigrated 18 Jun 1889. He got his Citizenship papers 24 Sept 1896. On the 1910 census, he is listed as being naturalized in 1889, I think someone confused that with his immigration. The only William George Tegtmeyer in the nauturalization index of St. Louis is on 24 Sept. 1896.

I can only surmise why the 1920 census states his naturalizations was in 1912. For the 1920 Census, Faith had been married for only 8 months. Faith was home with her 6 month old daughter, Emma. At this time her mother, Emma, was living with them and was listed as William's mother-in-law (she was also his divorced wife). I think Faith gave the census taker the information. Maybe 1912 was a year that related to something else in her life and that is the first date that came to mind. 
Tegtmeyer, William George I (I20)
1675 William Jarboe Commision of partition on the Real Estate of John B.(Basil) Jarboe dec’d
On the 1st Monday of August 1837, William Jarboe by John M.S. Causin his attny petitioned the court here:
Page 10
Mentions leaving his widow - Mary Jarboe and John Jarboe, George Jarboe, John B. Jarboe, and Elizabeth Jarboe his heirs at law who are not able to agree to a division (of the estate).

On the 1st Monday of August 1846, the division of property was settled. 
Jarboe, John Basil Sr. (I1829)
1676 William L. & Emily S. Bowen 9, Apr 1829, minister Stephen Whittlesey Family F1134
1677 William Shaffer, wife Margaret Monbeck and three children, Marie, Joseph, and Emeratta. Rebecca being born that Nov. their other children Daniel William George and Amelia. Also Margart's father, Daniel Monbeck came along. This family settled about 4 miles east of where Brandon is now 80 acres in Buchanan Co. on the Benton Co line... William and Margaret were first to settle in Jefferson Township in 1851

William and Margaret were first to settle in Jefferson Twp., Buchanan County, Ohio in 1851.
Margaret Monbeck and William Shaffer were step-brother and step-sister. William’s father’s second wife was Catherine. After he died, she was married to Margaret’s father Daniel Monbeck for a short time. 
Shaffer, William M. (I2360)
1678 William was 63, Nely was 27 Family F376
1679 William was but eight years old when his father died. He lived with his mother and step-father, Enoch Yates. In 1826 he married Joanne Ann Haveren, daughter of Robert Heveren. Joanne was born in Meade County in 1805 and was raised by her uncle, William Heveren after the death of her parents.
William and Joanne were married in Meade County but lived in Marion County where William had extensive business interests, including a store in Phillipsburg. However, he retained his milling operation in Meade County and the family records can be found in both counties.
The Marion County Circuit Court has considerable material on this family stored in their basement, for William was constantly involved in litigation. It is difficult for me to tell wheter he was a shrewd businessman, a person others took advantage of, or simply over-extended himself. The documents are many and quite confusing. However, the heirs appear to have recovered much of what wasd in jeopardy.
Although William wad forced to sell his lands, they were all purchased by family members and later re-assembled into family tracts (as illustrated by the 1877 Beers map - see reference section) and the family is still prominent in the southern portion of Marion County.
William died in 1867 and his widow married David Wooley.
Testimony given in County Court often contain pieces of information of interest to the geneologist. These papers are public records and are preserved in the County and Circuit Court offices. 
Jarboe, William (I1912)
1680 Williams widow married secondly Charles Daft Mills, Elizabeth (I2329)
1681 Wilson is the other name for the town of Keller Keller, Auby Southernia (I921)
1682 With The Same Rights As If Born In The Province Jarboe, Lt. Col. John (I1709)
1683 Witnessed by William Hayden & Mary J. Abell & Mary Abell by Father Atnasius A Aud. Family F1386
1684 Witnesses: Frau Friederika Barby, Frau Elisabeeth Kramer, Frau Charlotte Pflugmacher, ... Christine Senne Poesel, Wilhelm Carl Gustav (I22)
1685 Worked at the W.B. Burgess Screen Company Burgess, Niel (I446)
1686 World War 1 Draft Registration: Sept 12 1918
1875 A2603
Charles Kenow
Address: 36 Florissant Mo
Age: 19 yrs Born: Oct 10, 1898
White; Native born, Medium height, Medium build, Brown eyes; color of hair: Lite
Occupation: Laborer at Leschen Wire Rope Co.
Place of employment: Wellston, Mo
Nearest relative: Charles Kenow, 36 Florissant Mo.

See Residence information filed under residence notes of Charles Kenow Sr.

Mom (Charlotte) said that during the depression that Charles (her dad) grew crops - sweet potatoes and pole butterbeans. He would trade these at the grocery for other food. Mom said she didn’t like to shell those butterbeans, but really enjoyed working in the garden along side her dad, she liked being outside. She said Charles would go into the woods to find young sappling trees. He would use four sapplings to make a pole for the butterbeans. Charles would also cut lawns to earn extra money ( he was only working a couple days a week at the rope factory.)

Charlotte said that her dad made home brew, her mom emptied all the beer out one time after he got drunk. Charlotte was her dad’s favorite. Charlotte would help her dad work in the garden because her mom was not satisfied whenever Charlotte would clean house.

In 1946 and 1947, Charles declared his mother, Emma as a dependent. (probably other years also). Tax records indicated that she was not claimed after 1947.

In 1947, Income tax return indicated in “capital gains” that he owned a vacant lot, acquired in 1939 and sold in 1947 for $1700.

St. Louis County Circuit Court - Probate Court Case History
Case Type
Case Number
Date Of Death
Case Opened Date
Case Closed Date


Kenow, Charles William (I17)
1687 Would chew tobacco but not in front of the grandchildren - she would suck on hard candy then.

Family were Pennsylvania Dutch. They came from a place in Germany called Penn Dutch and settled in the state of Pennsylvania, USA.

5/21/99 Telephone conversation with Charlotte Tegtmeyer:
Emma Clayburg lived in St. Charles. She crossed the Missouri River to go to work in Ferguson, at a resturant. Musick Ferry would transfer her over the river, but when the river froze in winter, she would walk across.

See Residence information filed under residence notes of Charles Kenow Sr.
Address: 659 St. Pierre St.. Florissant, MO

Emma Adeline Clayburg:
Birth Date: 23 Sep 1876 Saturday
Age At Marriage: 21 years and 83 days
Lived: 91 years and 21 days
Death Date: 14 Oct 1967 Saturday

Date: 15 Dec 1897 Wednesday
Length: 39 years and 37 days 
Clayburg, Emma Adeline (I27)
1688 Wrote her will on 20 Feburary 1796 and it was probated on 5 May 1796.

Ann Joy b. 1735
Enoch Joy b. 1742 
Drury, Tecla (I2398)
1689 Wrote her will on 6 December 1790 and it was probated on 14 January 1791 (JJ#1: 512 or 514)
She left legacy to her three chldren :that now live with me” - Catherine, John and George
(WHY would she write a will if her husband was still alive??)
The will was witnessed by Henry H. Wathen and Ann Wathen - see will

Found : Index to St. Mary’s County, Maryland, Wills 1634-1777
H(enery) Hudson Wathen Liber 40 Folio 93 year 1774

Found: American Index Library; Maryland Wills; St. Mary’s Co. 1662-1955 975.2 P22hs
Richard Wathen Apr 1780 JJ 1 334
William Wathen May 1784 JJ 1 270 No mention of Monica in either - are these her brothers? 
Wathen, Monica (I1701)
1690 wrote volumes about her research of the Jellisons - found at the Allen County Library Margaret (I3615)

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